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Full-Service Event Planning

As a full-service event planning agency, AMI can create unforgettable experiences. Are you ready for full-service event management that drives results and strengthens your team? Let us handle all the details, big and small.
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Comprehensive Meeting and Event Planning

At AMI, we understand that sometimes you don’t have the bandwidth to plan the event you envision. Sometimes, your vision might be too big or detailed to execute, and you have other immediate needs to focus on. That’s where we come in.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders and create a memorable meeting or event to strengthen your goals and objectives. Our years of experience in full-service event planning have made us highly experienced to support your needs. We’ll work within your budget to plan and execute your events from beginning to end so you can focus on the things that matter.

Excite and Delight

Whether you’re planning an award gala, sporting event, reward retreat, annual meeting, travel incentive, or more, let our full-service event management experts craft an experience that will drive results. Our worldwide connections are great for meetings near and far.

There are ways to excite and delight, regardless of budget or size. Whether you want something extravagant or modest, luxurious or approachable, grand or intimate, we specialize in exceeding expectations. Contact us to assess your needs and create a special meeting that will be remembered.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Experiential marketing has been shown to improve company sentiment and brand recognition. That goes for both internal employees and external audiences. Meetings and events create an experience, not just a transaction. And when you create a meaningful experience for your audience, your brand is strengthened.

Whether you’re planning something for employees or customers, full-scale event planning with AMI will be detailed, unique, and memorable. Contact us to create a plan that fits your branding, budget, and objectives. We’ve worked with small startups and major corporations, so we’re confident we can create something extraordinary for you.

Full Service Event Planning - Andavo Meetings & Incentives

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What Our Clients Are Saying

All I can say is AMAZING! The AMI team was flawless in their execution of the programs. They created an employee and client-focused culture while supporting the investment in the trip. Their team struck the right balance between educating and empowering our teams. Thank you from all of us!

Joan GillmanExecutive Vice President & COO, Media Services, Time Warner Cable

This is my third year working with AMI, and I have been impressed by their professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail from the start. I am confident with AMI’s negotiation, coordination, and excellent performance our event will again be a resounding success this year!

Karen RheneyMarketing Execution Team Lead, Chevron Global Lubricants

Our AMI-managed events succeeded in not only rewarding our top performers, they were helping us evolve the culture of the entire company. AMI helped us not only create excitement and prestige around the event, they tailored them to align with the company culture/goals we were working hard to achieve. Bottom line, they created more value.

Larissa HerdaCEO, TW Telecom

FAQs about Full-Service Event Planning

What is full-service event management?

As the name implies, full-service event planning is a team of experts that plans and executes an event from start to finish. They will coordinate all efforts for securing a venue, food and beverage, decor, audiovisual, entertainment, activities, gifting, and more from the planning phase to execution and measurement. During the program, they are onsite with you to handle all program logistics, attendees, and vendors while allowing you to be part of the experience. When you hire event management experts like AMI, they handle all the behind-the-scenes to make you shine.

What does full-service event planning entail?

First, contact us to discuss the meeting or event you’d like us to plan. Then, we’ll meet with you to discuss the scope and breadth of the event. We’ll also discuss your budget to ensure we meet your set parameters. From that point, we’ll arrange a venue space and work with our various connections to provide food, entertainment, and more. Throughout the process, we’ll regularly meet with you for approvals and show you where every dollar is spent.

Do you have established relationships with certain vendors, and how does this benefit the planning process?

Absolutely! AMI is connected with various vendors, allowing us to create events that can be luxurious, economical, or somewhere in between. Our connections make us head and shoulders above our competitors, and our team’s agility allows us to tailor-make an event that fits your budget and brand.

Why should I trust an event management company instead of doing things myself?

We understand there may be some hesitation with hiring a full-service event management company, but there are many benefits to consider. First, hiring a full-service event planning company will allow you to focus on your work. You won’t have to get distracted with tracking down hotels, entertainers, caterers, or meeting spaces. Secondly, an event management company will have connections with businesses to help create an experience that your audience will love. You won’t have to research because we already have. Lastly, an event management company works within your budget. Considering these three things, a company like Andavo Meetings & Incentives is a great option to fit your needs.

Can I give recommendations to the event planners?

Absolutely! The right event planner will take your preferred vendors and keep you updated at every step of the event planning process. They’ll never make any final decisions without your approval first. At Andavo Meetings & Incentives, we keep you informed at every phase to ensure your event is executed according to your standards.

How can I tell how the event planners are using my budget?

Event planners should give you regular reports on how budgets are being spent. We at Andavo Meetings & Incentives pride ourselves on our transparency regarding budget spend. You’ll receive a detailed report of where every last dollar goes so you know we maximized your budget to its full potential.

How can I tell if a full-service event panner is legit?

One of the best things you can do is ask for references. Ask the event planner about successful events they’ve thrown for other clients, then contact those clients to ask how the event went. If the clients seem bogus, the event planning company might be bogus, too. At Andavo Meetings & Incentives, we stand by our work and are proud of the happy clients we’ve made through your years of service.