Investor Meeting

This conference gathered leaders from around the world in beautiful Italy. Knowing that investor meetings are a critical and unique type of event that must make an impact, AMI relied on our local connections in Italy to open doors and design and a white glove experience for the client’s first-class travelers.
Client Industry

Global Real Estate Investment

Event Type

Investor Meeting



The Goal

The client needed to provide a specifically exclusive experience for their investors to celebrate their successes. With well-traveled, first-class travelers as attendees, their goal was to develop a custom-designed, one-of-a kind program with the most exclusive experiences available.

The Achievement

Our teams arranged private tours of the Vatican, high-end limousine rides through the hills of Rome and secured lodging in beautiful suites with stunning views. Attendees were treated to a private performance by a Roman opera troupe with dinner at the amphitheater atop the hill around the forum.

For an especially exclusive opportunity, AMI prepared private boats to whisk attendees away for a brief stay on the Island of Elba off the coast of Tuscany where they spent three nights in the villa built for Napoleon’s wife. While there, they were able to enjoy the area’s healing waters of the natural spa as well as a kayaking regatta around the island’s coast.

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