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Event planning is rarely simple. Whether it’s a conference to connect businesses within the industry, a meeting with an important client, or a party celebrating the company’s employees and successes, corporate events are too important to leave anything to chance. Managing every aspect of an event, though, is a tall order, especially when you’re also trying to manage your business; many business owners just don’t have the time to get it all done, and it’s possible to overlook something until it’s too late. Smart business owners instead turn to professionals for help. Hiring the right corporate event planner is the best way to ensure your event is successful, memorable, and stress-free. Here are some key ways that a conference planner can make things work for you.

Outlining a Plan

From the start, a solid plan is vital. Immediately, the conference planner begins establishing what the client wants. They get to know the client and their image, then ask questions to help determine what the event should look like; this includes the purpose and theme of the event, who the guests are, and the scope of the project. The technical aspects that will need to be addressed are also outlined here, from third-party vendors and services to the necessary equipment needed to set up the event. Though the details may change along the way, this offers a road map for the planning process and ensures all the key components are accounted for.

Coordinating Venues and Vendors

A leg up that event planners have is their ability to connect clients to businesses. This is vital for obtaining and organizing everything a well put together event needs. From venue owners and transportation services to catering, entertainers, and talent, conference planners align clients with trusted industry partners for you to choose from. Typically, they meet with service providers on your behalf, relying on knowledge of the local area to decide on the best options and freeing you up to address other matters. They often also advocate to protect the client and serve their best interest.

Handling Money and Logistics

Budgeting and accounting are critical with event planning, just like any other aspect of your business. Professional conference planners are well-equipped to assess a budget for the project, anticipating potential extra costs and changes in plans. Managing the budget is an ongoing job, too, and as the project progresses, you’ll need to be able to keep track of changes and decisions, and how much has been spent so far. The event planner may also handle payment to vendors in your stead, as well as the expected payment to workers at the event.

Setup and Management

Decoration, food, seating, and a well-equipped stage; these are just a few facets of setting up the event venue as the big day approaches. The conference planners can see to it that it’s all taken care of by handling the setup personally. On the day of the event, they’ll also help conduct proceedings, make sure everything’s in its right place, and step in when the unexpected happens.


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