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Picture your next out-of-town event and imagine how much more seamless the experience would be if you had a professional team to handle the logistics for you. A destination management company can take the headache out of the planning and unfolding of your next big event, whether you are looking for smaller conference services or planning to throw an extravagant gala. From budgeting to destination sourcing to vendor negotiations, destination management companies provide tangible and valuable benefits to companies looking for a well-organized event that will leave a lasting impression.

Single Point of Contact

Planning a large event involves many different points of contact since many different types of vendors are involved. A major advantage to seeking out professional assistance to manage your destination event is the single point of contact. Instead of keeping track of a multitude of vendors and dealing with the individual contacts, you have a company that will handle all correspondence for you. Instead of reaching out to each vendor individually, any questions, problems, or changes you make can be sent directly to your management company and will be handled in a timely manner. If your company employs an event planner, your destination management point-of-contact can work closely with that person to coordinate ideas.

Planning and Design

Seeing your event ideas come into fruition can be rewarding. Whether you have a detailed picture in your mind or only have a general idea about your event, your destination management company can take your ideas and elaborate on them to create your ideal function. All details of the designing and planning process can be presented to you in advance for your review to make sure you are getting exactly the type of event you are picturing in your mind. Planning starts with a concept and then moves to secure a venue, entertainment, food and beverage, and décor. Items that you might not think about such as transportation and other hospitality services will be organized and secured for you. The ideal destination planner will think of the event from the perspective of a person attending the event as well, making sure no detail has been left out.

Vendor Relationships

Hiring a management company for your destination event means you are working with a company that has preestablished relationships with a variety of high-quality vendors. This means you have a lower risk of hiring a vendor that will perform a disappointing service. Your management company works with vendors that have performed well in the past and will match well with your event plans. Everything from budget planning to sourcing to contract negotiations can be handled for you. Destination companies can also assist with language barriers and cultural customs of the destination area, if applicable, so you never have to worry about cultural norms such as appropriate tipping. Your company will work seamlessly with all types of vendors.

  • Event venues
  • Food and beverage
  • Event décor
  • Printed items
  • Entertainment
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Risk management and insurance

Let Us Plan Your Next Destination Event

If you need to plan a destination event, the process can be much easier and more seamless if you decide to seek out a destination management company to handle the logistics. Everything from the early planning stages through the cleanup at the end can be designed to go off without a hitch. Using one point of contact for your entire event takes the planning burden off of you and onto the destination event planner. Your company will work with you to bring your vision to life, then work with known high-quality vendors to negotiate your contracts. If you are ready to get the planning process started, contact Andavo Meetings & Incentives for any questions or to help with assisting your next event.


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