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Planning corporate incentive trips is one of the best ways to break up a monotonous routine, help employees get to know each other better, and create a sense of community to increase motivation. Taking your team on a retreat where they can think outside the box can be excellent for a company.

When planning a corporate retreat, success all comes down to the details. Planning team-building ideas that are productive, memorable, and fun are critical. So, what are some team-building ideas you can include on your corporate incentive trips? Here are a few ideas from Andavo Meetings & Incentives.

AMI Will Plan Your Next Corporate Retreat

There’s always a lot to plan for corporate incentive trips. At AMI, we plan to be exceptional. We’re more than your average corporate event planner. No matter the team-building activities you’d like to include, we’re here to plan them for your company so you can relax and have a great time. We’ll bring your team together using our industry connections and expertise.

Whether you’re planning for a small group of leaders or a large conference for your whole team, we’ll create a customized program for corporate meetings and incentives that fits your budget. No matter what your corporate retreat plans are, we can turn them into reality. Contact our incentive travel team today to get started!

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Host a Welcome Party

Planning a welcome party on the first day is a great way for everyone to mingle and relax. After traveling to your destination, your team will be excited to be done with traveling and get settled in. A fun welcome party helps set the tone for your event and allows coworkers to catch up.

To make the most out of your welcome party, offer personalized experiences such as providing customized or local gifts. Keep the welcome party casual, low-key, and simple. Remember, people are tired from a long day of traveling and want to unwind.

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Plan a Kickoff Meeting

On your corporate incentive travel trip, think of a kickoff meeting as similar to a pep rally; it’s a chance for your company to showcase important updates on how well everything is going. It’s also an excellent opportunity to share the vision of the future, give big-picture talks about where the company is going, and share success stories.

Your company can make it as straightforward or elaborate as you’d like. For a more significant impact, consider hiring a keynote speaker, and make sure you recognize employees’ achievements throughout the year.

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Perform a Meaningful Service Project

Incorporating a meaningful service project into your retreat itinerary will help your team connect on a different level. Service projects such as cleaning up a local park, volunteering at a shelter, or planting trees allow your coworkers to work together for a fulfilling goal. When you use your time on corporate incentive trips to improve lives for the better, your team will be more united.

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Take a Cooking Class

One of the best ways to learn about local cuisine is to take a cooking class. And when used as a team-building exercise, it has even more benefits. This hands-on, engaging activity strengthens common skills such as communication and teamwork. Attendees enjoy learning and recreating unique dishes. In some cooking classes, team members are designated specific skills based on their strengths, and everyone works together for the same goal.

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Host a Board Game or Trivia Night

Do your coworkers love to play games, and are there any particular games they would enjoy playing together? Hosting a board game or trivia night helps your team unwind, get to know each other better, and work together in a different setting.

Consider reserving a meeting room and playing a popular board game, or even create an icebreaker game that helps your team learn fun facts about each other. Escape Rooms, geocaching, and scavenger hunts are other fun alternatives for games on corporate retreats.

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Sing Your Heart Out

Do you have a vocal crew? Get them together for karaoke night! Getting together to sing favorite tunes is an excellent way for your team to step out of their shells and get comfortable with each other. While everyone may not enjoy singing in front of a crowd, everyone loves listening to good music and relaxing.

You can also get creative with the opportunity by splitting up into smaller groups and creating new lyrics to popular songs. Put up a movie projector with music videos or lyrics for an even better time!

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Get Some Fresh Air

There’s no better way to enjoy local views and your new environment than by going outside to take a walk or hike with your team. You’ll have a chance to connect, enjoy fresh air, and connect with nature. Your company will make memories together in a beautiful setting that you won’t easily forget!

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