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Our Process

Our Process

AMI approaches event planning with a robust combination of strategy and creativity to deliver a comprehensive, full-service experience from concept to completion.

A Strategic, Personalized Approach

Our team knows that each phase of event planning rests on the successful execution of the last. With tailored strategies and intentional choices we focus on the meaning of the event, purpose of the mission, and overall guest experience to deliver a one-size-fits-one, extraordinary event that your attendees will never forget.
With intentional choices, we organize, source, and operate the kind of event your guests will never forget. We focus on the meaning of your gathering, the purpose of your mission, and the experience of your attendees.

It is our mission to enable your vision, connect your people, and deliver the results you seek.



We want to truly understand the mission behind your event. That’s why we begin each project by learning your vision, culture, and goals. This framework helps us lay the foundation for a strategic, focused planning process that results in a purposeful, meaningful event.



We lead our clients through a customized, comprehensive project plan that touches on every aspect of the event. By creating detailed plans, using sophisticated tools and systems, and using the Discovery phase as the guiding vision, each facet is meticulously and purposefully covered.



Months of planning is unleashed in the days of the event. Whether our team is on-site with you or overseeing from afar, AMI manages operations, logistics, and implementation of all the tiny details to ensure your program runs smoothly and provides an enriching experience for all attendees.


Return on Event

Post-event analysis is a crucial part in understanding the success of any event. We use attendee surveys, cost-savings reporting, budget actualization, and performance reviews to create a comprehensive event evaluation. The ROE is an essential tool to not only assessing the success of the current program but also establishing guidelines for future events.

AMI's Capabilities


With our long history in travel, AMI opens the door to more than 250,000 destinations, hotels, and venues worldwide. With such extensive options and long-standing industry relationships we are able to source and recommend the perfect location with the best value for your event.

Contract Negotiations

We have years of experience navigating contractual clauses, industry standards, and potential pitfalls. With AMI, you have an industry expert guiding recommendations for final review by your procurement and legal teams.

Budget Management

We create a realistic, comprehensive budget that helps set the expectations for the event. Throughout the entire process we treat each dollar as our own, carefully monitoring estimates and actual spend, so there are no surprises and financial decisions are deliberate.

Website Registration

With custom registration websites, you can showcase your brand and event message long before guests arrive onsite. AMI offers top software that is GDPR compliant, robust in reporting, and tailored to your needs.

Vendor Management

Whether you are working with a new vendor or furthering a relationship with an existing partner, our team will guide the selection and detailing process to ensure you receive the best price, quality, and service from everyone involved.

AV Coordination

We work alongside you to ideate staging and environments that are bold and impactful. Being well-versed in tech talk means our team can develop your vision while maximizing your budget, perfect the production, and produce an amazing experience.

Virtual Meetings

Online events that allow guests to interact in a virtual environment. They include multi-session online events that often feature webinars, presentations, training, live streaming, webcasts, and are interactive ways to create a similar experience to their physical counterparts. Popular virtual events include virtual tradeshows, virtual conferences, virtual company-wide gatherings.


The branding and messaging strategy for your event is the driving vision for every touchpoint your attendees will encounter. Our creative team will guide you through the process of crafting your message and developing collateral that delivers maximum impact and exposure.

Transportation & Event Logistics

Managing the abundance of details and logistics of event planning requires experts with experience and know-how. Whether it’s tracking flights, arranging ground transfers, or managing vendors AMI is the central hub for all information that makes every event run flawlessly.

Communications & Mobile App

Strategic messaging campaigns before, during, and after your event are key for building engagement and excitement. Our team can build accessible, intuitive, and customized sites and apps so every attendee always has all the information they need.

On-site Support

Our experienced team delivers flawless event execution handling all of the logistics, changes, installs, and final touches on site so you can focus on what is most important – your attendees.

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